The King of Silence, my favorite French game.  One, two, three … shut up!  The first person to speak, loses.  And the second and the rest.  Last one silenced is the winner.  Good one, France!


French lesson tomorrow.  Need to get prepared.  économie Domestique is priming me for the hour.



Charts, diagrams, lines pointing and L’humidité.  What’s not to love?  “C’est à la fois un facteur de troubles physiologiques … ”  June has been cold.  I almost cashed in on my facteur de troubles physiologiques by lighting the chauffage.  But, I resisited.  Slipped on my Costco cashmere and carried on.


and Sia clearly appreciating France with her massive hit possibly or coincidentally based on a simple kid game of France with hip child modern dancer.  Her style, vide sanitaire sous le rez-de-chaussée avec great production.  One, two, three …

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