The Cows They Moove It Move It



I can’t believe I live here.  Gorgeous day today.  A bird sang a song in my ear, a Golden Retriever pup snuzzled a calf and a butterfly recited, from memory, a Shakespearean soliloquy.  After so much wet, these days are treasured.

The cows moved from Sleepy Hollow Vineyard, an ex-vineyard turn pasture, to Costanza.



The gate above is on.  When it hangs off the black thing, it is off.



In the distance, our neighbors are bringing in their hay after drying in the Gascon sun.



Rosebud took a ride to help with the move.  Where’s Rosebud?  Look at the the pasture, cross your eyes  and she will pop out.



Front fence done.  Hopefully the cows will see it.



I’m wearing my best gumboot sandals.  Yesterday, it was Fluevog pumps.  I am a woman of action.



This is what they left.  The sun is HOT today, so the litter should provide some nice shade for the new growth.



Brent is fixing some fencing er … yeah.  A bit far from the fence, but that’s what he’s doing.  Fence fixing.  I stand by that because you don’t want to get too close when you are fixing fences.



The herd is fat, full and fantastic.  So, Brent calls them through.



Here they come!


OOooooo! cherries!!!



Here they go, onto the ice.  ( … Ice Road Truckers ref )



and moo-y.  She likes to blog about each cow move before she hits the pasture.  Yeah, yep, okay, uh-hah … got it.  Thanks Moo-y!  Off you go.

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