On One Finger



I can count on one finger how many times I’ve been all by myself.  Neighbors on vacation.  Kids at school.  Brent is picking up family friend Kevin.


But on a farm, you are never alone. “Sometimes I feel so insecure. And love so distant and obscure. Remains the cure” or a herd of cows munching grass.  The cows are in! and loving the trees!


Or this retriever who follows me everywhere.  A good quality for a retriever.




Or this retriever who is always by my side … in the kitchen.



or this chicken.  Sorry, Broody, didn’t mean to disturb you.  Back to your nap.



Sun shining, tits to the wind, hair on fire … it’s time to dance!



… curious, is Eric Cartman named after Eric Carman?

2 thoughts on “On One Finger

  1. grasspunk says:

    Well my commitment to watch every video you post really cost me this time. That was painful! And Helen Reddy sounded like an Americanized Dame Edna.

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