Airplane Bits


It is so much fun having Kevin on the farm. We love visitors. There is so much work to do, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. The weather has been sunny with a breeze and the cows have been behaving themselves. Watching a sunset in a t-shirt happens frequently in Gascony, not so much in Seattle.




Airbus plane parts occaisonally roll through the village of Vic Fezensac in the late evening. A convoi was arriving soon.  Kevin took Lucy and Otto down to watch the big beasts covoi exceptionnel their way around the village.  Kevin took the airplane shots.  Brent and I were watching the soccer.


These parts are HUGE!  I’ve only seen pictures, but that piece behind Otto is massive.



The kids had a great time with Kevin.  The event could only be improved by Le Tour de France babes tossing candy.




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