Land Power



Days have been packed this week.  As the summer begins so the end-of-the-year things erupt.  We have been flat out selling beef, running kids around, making hay, putting out fires ( not literally this time ) and preparing our next sale.  Veal, Mince and Booty!  Here are some shots from yesterday.



Hay bales pooping out.



Kevin is Zélie favorite adult at the moment.  They check out the machinery.



and watch the baling in the shade.



I have no idea what this hooba-joob does.



Puppies! The puppies of Beauchasseur! ( this was actually Friday, but the days blur together sometimes )



Mint Mint.


( photo by Sara Breese, beauchasseur golden retrievers )


Lucy and Lumi at the dog show.  He is a prize winning dog.  You’d never guess this with his cow poo breath.



Z, Brent and Kevin in the willows watching the hay baling.



And a lovely wedding at our neighbor’s farm.


Today is not over and tomorrow it will feel like these words happened two days ago.  Land power.

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