So Long Old Friend

You stubborn bitch.  But who can blame you.  You arrived after living a life with a lovely family, joining us on our new adventure.  Four kids, too many cows, lots of grass-fed beef and a new way of living.  You took months to get used to the kids.  You took months to get used to the new puppy.  You took months to understand all the barn cat and chicken kitten business.  Yet you kept on keeping on.  So much to learn when all you wanted to do was walk to the mailbox and back, meet the people who visit the farm and eat some bunnies.  This is the life. Never once did you complain. Moped a bit, but never complained.



You loved those kids.



Always by them.



Even on their first day of school.



Or when Zelie learned where the dog food was kept.



Snow didn’t bother you.



After a year or two, the siamese finally got a cuddle.



But you always worked together for table scraps.



Sorry they dressed you up for the pool.  You love the water, they wanted you to be safe.



Thanks for the portrait, Z was going through a Monster High stage.  Scary.



Ears flapping, he loved you so.



Always by my side in the kitchen.  Opportunistically placed under my cutting board.


Always up for a scratch and a scruffle.


Or a belly rub.



Always up for cuddles from small children.



We love you so.  We miss you so.

9 thoughts on “So Long Old Friend

  1. Gladys says:

    Tears. Pronounced both ways works to describe the feelings. A chapter in your lives. Fond memories you will have. I am sorry I will not get to meet Tosca. Nothing like a dog to warm your heart and help you feel safe. Tosca had a good life with you, a huge farm to do dog things in. Hugs to you all.

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Both Gladys & I are sitting here crying as we go through the pictures. The frog swim collar is particularly endearing & those of each child & bug cuddling are SO tender. Was it just old age ? Hope he just didn’t get up day. This will be one of the biggest losses .”major ouch ! What a week for everyone. Much love, Jade

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