A Slow Cow Move



A great year for pasture.  The   vacationers complain, but the cows are full.   Brent is moving the herd to the back of the farm.  They left Colorado 2 and are now munching Colorado ( our mile-high paddock ).



After a pep-talk, they finally walked through the lane.  Once there, they complained a bit because Colorado is not as good as Colorado 2.  Though they got munching pretty quickly.




This is Jiggy. Short for ” Just A Gigolo. ” He’s been here for a few days getting to know the farm and the cats and the cows and the chickens and the kids. And the Lumi. Oh the Lumi.  We’ve not seen Jiggy without a wet, slobbery head. Poor dear. Lumi LOVES chewing Jiggy. Saves him from chasing his tail and chewing his foot ( a pastime Lumi picked up after Tosca died ). Lumi spends most of his time chewing or snoozing with Jiggy.

Underneath all that slobber is a lovely pup.  He’s a sweetie.  He likes to greet you in the morning and chew on your robe while you make coffee.  Okay, while Brent makes coffee for me.



He enjoys his play with Lumi.




He has the snarl of Cujo or the 1978 classic Piranha.



In this photo, if you look cross-eyed, a Golden Retriever will pop out.



Chorale, our resident dog boss, keeps them in line.



Though, as I make breakfast or lunch or just walk through the house, it feels like the “Girl Scout fight” in Airplane the movie.


Calm? What Is Calm?

minty art

A Minty quote. She was questioning The Little Book of Calm. Calm for me is a child’s drawing. I printed out some photos in super-draft-cheap-arse ink setting. Minty used it as a color page. I love the result. Today has been a calm day. Always a dash of drama what with new pups or customer orders or cow moves, but calm.

Minty chose this edition of Little Book of Calm.



Orange blossom is nice and all, but I’m loving the “Ignore Small print.”  Words to live by.

Chopped Liver



First night with our new friends.  Resident teen chops some grass-fed liver for a late night snack.


Lumi is quite pleased getting to know other canine beings.  Je t’aime, the perky little calf, has been his BFF since Tosca died.



Jiggy and Lumi roll with it.  Each snooze with their own, individual style.


A New Pup In The Hallway Office



Lumi chills by my side after lunch when I sit and do computer work.  He’s been doing that since he was a dorky pup.  Today we have some new guests on the farm.  Chorale, an older bitch, has come ’round to check things out to see if this lifestyle will suit her.  Kids, cows, chickens, cats, loud, quiet, loud.  She certainly settled for after-lunch computer time.

Lumi has perfected the siesta in the hallway office.



He also has a talent with getting those pesky barn cats out.



We also have a smaller monster around.  More on that later.

Road Trip With Dad



Otto went with Brent to deliver some beef in Narbonne.  Otto took a few shots along the way.

Some hay.



A busy city road.  An old iPhone snugged against a French flag.



A roundabout.



More city streets.



Yes, that is a Croc ( well a Froc ) you see before you.