Mini Me

We’ve been to a few school events with singing and food, but last night was the first play.  Lucy ( the blonde on the left ) mostly takes after her father, but when on stage, she arrives as an actress with action, reaction and lots of facial expressions.  The audience, without knowing much about her, cheered and woo-hooed her exit.  I think she left them wanting more.  When my daughter gets some laughs, I am a happy mom.  We love to laugh.  We try to laugh at everything.  Her father is great at public speaking, but suppresses those wacky facial expressions.  Lucy and I, have no ability to tone it down.  A quality best left to the stage and not for television.
The play was wonderful to attend.  I’ve done many, many performances in my life and it was hard to sit still and watch.  I wanted to jump in and help out.  Maybe next year.  Then, I thought about my parents watching all my crazy shows.  Oh we were SO AMAZING!!  Or no, we were mediocre with absolute commitment and energy.  Either way, we did it and proud parents and family loved it.  Just like last night.


How did Lucy become a tween?  It’s not possible.  Our little Doop, making people laugh. She added in an extra joke for the performance ( in French, mind you ).  Love it.

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