Pedal Proud



We taught one of four kids to ride a bike.  The other three arrived one day.  “Hey look!  Minty is riding a big bike!”  Z has been riding her pedal-less bike since before she was one.  She could barely touch the ground.

Many tears and full-on frustration.  Poor gal, trying to keep up with Lucy, Minty and Otto.



Though weather was never a problem.  She hopped on and had some fun.  … the Princess costume helped keep her balanced.



When Kevin is out, he would push her around on whatever bike she wanted.  Pink one.  Blue one.  We really do spoil the last child.  As you do.


Brent took her out yesterday on the white bike with pedals and she loved it.  She rode it!

Later, the sisters did The Track ( crazy neighbor created a circuit for bikes with a lawn mower.  Now, the kids are full on. ).  Lumi is angling for a quadrupedal bicycle.  Or another tennis ball.  Or a nap.  He’s not all that picky.



Z wanted to join in.  I did a little start-up with the bike and off she went.  ‘Round and around she went.  I jogged by her a bit  because she doesn’t yet know how to stop.  After she got moving, her words were, “okay!  now go home!”

The tongue helps you go up hill.  And do fancy foot-off pedal tricks.  Cheeky.



The face of serious work.



And more tongue.  Four kids, all use the tongue of concentration.  I carry the recessive.  As Zelie does not know how to stop, she falls gently.  Big cry.  ” Up! up! ” I say.  ” Do you want to continue? ”

Zelie: “YES!”



Minty in Full Princess showing no face.  She’s like that, our Mint.



and yes, Z rides her pedal bike in tighty pinkies.  It’s summer vacation.  All bets are off for proper dress when you live on a farm.


2 thoughts on “Pedal Proud

  1. grasspunk says:

    That seat is all the way down and still she can barely touch the ground with one toe. She can’t reach the brakes either. But she’s too motivated to let that stop her.

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