Angry Panda



Grrrr!  Angry Panda.  An “Andy Pandy” mishap with Minty learning English and Angry Pandies.  It’s all so complicated.  Thankfully we have a mug to smooth the edges.  I still have no idea what Andy Pandy is on about.  But our previous renter suited up as Andy Pandy which Minty took as “Angry Panda.”  A very interesting concept.  I’ll leave it at that.  Discuss…

Then we had pork.



After 9pm.



And we fed the calf.  But first, Lumi did his duty.



The calf is doing well.   Brent walks in with the giant bottle.



Happy boy.  Last feed for this evening.



Rosebud checked the herd.  They are loving the pasture.  This July rain is amazing.



Munchy Munchy.




So well behaved.  Even with the Blondes next door.


4 thoughts on “Angry Panda

    • Jean Curtis says:

      WOW! I had no idea! Supermarionation even. And we thought Boobah was surreal. Zélie LOVES Andy Pandy. She’s cackling!

  1. Gladys says:

    Minty’s interpretation reminds me of when I was little and great Aunt Addie died. Everyone was talking about frozen arteries and my mind heard frozen armpits. I did not know what arteries were.

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