Historic Shopping Lists Of The Past



Back in the Costco days, I would write up the shopping list on a whiteboard, take a photo with my phone and carry on picking up what I needed.  Buy my stuff along with a cashmere sweater I didn’t need, the latest Scholastic video collection, another chopping board set and carry that load in two or three giant Costco shopping bags up 45 steps to the house with a baby on my hip, up hill both ways.  Then retrieve the giant kilo bags of toilet paper and other paper products.  Baby on hip as well as I felt uncomfortable leaving baby up at the house while I went so far away to retrieve paper products.

The girls made me review old iPhone shots. Along with some great shots of Brent and kids, these shopping lists came up.

“Socks Otto” … even today, still have that one on the list.  Oh boys and their socks.

“Tomatoes”, yep

“Dots” … I can only think of gummy-ish candy called Dots.  Other than that, I have no idea what I picked up.

“Otto” … Yeah Otto always needs something.  Or does the whole thing sum to Otto.  Is that what Otto is made of made of?


Ooooo.  Beef short ribs!  A good day!  And who doesn’t love a “cheese block?”  Then, please, sleep 8 hours.



“Vintage White” is not a wine, but a cheese.  We stepped it up a bit and moved beyond the “cheese block.”



Whew.  Glad my maths worked out.  “Pork something”  well that sounds appertizing.





Then we moved to France and the list got more complicated …

“Haricots blanc”, “Chou-fluer”, “Courgettes” and “Rosé” … honestly.  Oh and “white” and “red”.  The “cheese block” of wine.




It was fun looking back at what food we needed for the family.  These days, we produce more and buy or trade from other farms.  I have a giant bag of duck hearts to collect.  My shop run now consists of paper products, sugar, coffee and milk.  We shall one day do the milk cow.

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