Ping Pong Ding Dong King Kong

As the boredom sets in, Lucy worked out some “ing” and “ong” words. She knew the ones that sounded plausible, “sing song”, but when she arrived at “king kong,” she questioned. “No,” I say, “that works.” “King kong?” What’s that? I explain something about a giant gorilla and an old horror flick. “Uh-huh” in their eyes, we went to YouTube to have a look.

And this is what they said.

Both: SCARY!? That’s not scary.
Lucy: It’s supposed to be scary, but it’s not scary. He’s a stuffed animal.

Lucy: How do they make a stuffed animal look so big?
Otto: They use the computer.
Lucy: Or they just make a big stuffed animal.
Otto: Actually, mom, that is a big gorilla.

Both: Why do they talk that way?
Me: That’s the way American actors spoke back then.
Both: Weird.
Lucy: It’s like Singin In The Rain. Wait, is that Han Solo?


I don’t think I’ve actually watched King Kong ( original or otherwise ).  Watching the trailer generated so many questions on how that movie was made and the effects were done, I think we’ll need to add this gem to movie night.


Watching this trailer, I noticed some Gates of Mordor action in there.


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