2 thoughts on “Behind That Tall Hard Brick Wall

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    what is being done here and why will it leave this structure without a roof ? We need to get our butts over there and help one of us to enegage kids (probably G. and the other to haul stuff – Me ) sooomehow dogs andkids always fall for Gladys more quickly !! and Zellie has never met us !!!!!!!!!! Lucy I know is very excited and we have a bit of a bond.

    I have just got silly stuff (glow sticks, wands and will return for longer ones for sword “fights” after dark. I got Hello Kitty paint by #’s little book and sticker boook Hope Zellie Queen still loves Hello Kity. For the older girls I got a sticker book with princesses. Iknow a bit old for Lucy but me thinks she’ll get into helping Minty and therefore will become engaged. got pretty silk leis 3 different colores , should we get a 4th for Otto ? he’s a tween in so many ways still working on something that will hit the spot for him. I know Full City coffee for you n’est pas ?

    Jane Sawyer iheartwalk@aol.com

    • Jean Curtis says:

      It’s all good. It’ll be great to see you both. The kids are so excited. Everything else, the kids will cherish.

      Don’t worry, there are plenty of projects to be done here 🙂

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