The Hour Of The American, For Your Health Avoid Nibbling

ameri can


Every year LiDL ( say, “leedle” ) has an American promotion.  This is one of a few pages of lovely in the American Way promo mag.  Three points of fun for me are:


1) The American Brand ” MCENNEDY” … which I think was to be McKennedy or perhaps Kennedy.  Who knows, but I love it.

2) “Crisps”  I can name one American in house that knows what a crisp is.  Ask ten Americans at random what a “crisp” is and they will say “huh?” or “what, like a “chip” you mean?”

3) Pommes-Snack, my new favorite bandname ( after Hidden Testicle, that is ).


Though, the people of McEnnedy American Way did offer “Super Size.”  Nice touch.

Also note, at the bottom of the giant ad for snacks is this public service announcement:

Pour votre sante, évitez de grignote.


Translated by Lucy, ” For your health, avoid snacking .”

lidl burger


For your health, practice an activity.  LiDL health advice!  Talk about one stop shopping.


This post was in no way affiliated with McE’s American Way products.  

2 thoughts on “The Hour Of The American, For Your Health Avoid Nibbling

  1. bizzyella says:

    Curry barbecue style. Ketchup as a flavor, not a condiment. American style pizza supreme. I love the weirdness of much of what passes for American over here. I also love the probably unintentional compliment in the cultural mashup that they assume must be American. Curry in your barbecue sauce? As American as Mom’s pizza pie? Well, literally, no, but figuratively yes, they may have it just right. When I see an American food section, the first thing I hope for is a really good salsa fresca. Si si, bien sûr, of course salsa is American, just like that curry barbecue.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Ooo. I didn’t see the “Mom’s pizza pie” ref. Yeah, it’s fun. We do the same in America with French food, I’m sure. I’m still amazed at the heath advice for each page. For your health, eat no less than five fruits and veg per day. Is a potato chip a veg? How about ketchup?

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