The Hour Of The American, For Your Health Avoid Nibbling

ameri can


Every year LiDL ( say, “leedle” ) has an American promotion.  This is one of a few pages of lovely in the American Way promo mag.  Three points of fun for me are:


1) The American Brand ” MCENNEDY” … which I think was to be McKennedy or perhaps Kennedy.  Who knows, but I love it.

2) “Crisps”  I can name one American in house that knows what a crisp is.  Ask ten Americans at random what a “crisp” is and they will say “huh?” or “what, like a “chip” you mean?”

3) Pommes-Snack, my new favorite bandname ( after Hidden Testicle, that is ).


Though, the people of McEnnedy American Way did offer “Super Size.”  Nice touch.

Also note, at the bottom of the giant ad for snacks is this public service announcement:

Pour votre sante, évitez de grignote.


Translated by Lucy, ” For your health, avoid snacking .”

lidl burger


For your health, practice an activity.  LiDL health advice!  Talk about one stop shopping.


This post was in no way affiliated with McE’s American Way products.  

A Sea Of Green And Brown



I love to see the herd swimming in green.  They are loving the food.



Brent moved them today and they were okay with that, but also they could chill a bit longer.



Lucerne is amazing in these hot summer times.  A bountiful sea of green to nourish the herd.  They are never bored.

Phat Herd



Oh my, there is still lucerne standing.  Thanks to the rain, this paddock grew thick and rich.  Oh, they’ll be back.  Donchoo worry.  This is a photo of a herd on chill.  They eye their next munch and ruminate to optimise their munch strategy.


Across the way, grain harvest.  … and random cars parked by our mailbox.  Dude, you can pay those bills.  I’ll give you some burgers.



It’s so noisy ’round here at the moment.  Crops come in before the rain.  … and the laundry as well …

Bottle Calf Meet Herd, Urban Hat Meet Cattleman


Our bottle calves are ready for the herd.  Poodle, a yearling, sets the hierarchy.



They are mixing at the moment.  And hopefully they shall realize that they are not a retriever, but a cow.  We shall see.

On the left, urban sun hat. On the right Australian Cattleman hat. Both sun protective. Each with their own ton “steel.”



Herding bovines where they need to go.  I love a good hat.  And a good bovine walk.  For the first time, I feel like baby bottle calves are one with the herd.  We shall see.

Breakfast At Last



Fried in duck fat, Tranche Grasse.  With pots and a farm fresh egg, fried.  And some wine, yes, because breakfast happened after 1pm.  It’s been a bit busy here on the farm.

Creepy Pre-Coffee Did I Read That Right?



Blurry eyed, walking down the steps to let the dog out, I see this sign. What is that about?

Bored In Summer Idea #5, Freak your parents out with signs inspired by a fictitious boogieman.



Not sure where he located this boogieman.  No doubt Minecraft related?



He picked some superb places for inspirational notes.




Were you scared?

Don’t worry, I knew he planted these beauties ahead of time.  We were doing scary stories around the campfire.  Kids like that edge of scary.  Then we all giggle.

Candy Land



( photos by L. Curtis )

Bored In Summer Idea #4, make a game out of candy so you can eat your captures when you crush your opponent.

 Inspired by some books given to us ( thanks Olivia! ), Lucy wanted to make a game board out of candy and run pieces of candy on top.  This was some sort of checkers or chess game.  I didn’t get to see the game in action, but the first round was a huge success.  Consequently, lunch ran late.

She wove a board with flat sugar bits covered in sour sugar.



Then, had purple sugar on one side and pink sugar on the other.  If you killed your opponent, you eat the piece.



She is also following up with a Haribo Tirlibibi round. For those not in the know, Tirlibibi is heavy on liquorice pieces.  Should be quite exciting!

Chicken Fried Steak

Girl On Grill Action


Chicken Fried Steak, a dish so American, you’d think it came from Germany.

With a milky gravy.

Here’s something to do with those steaks you have no idea what to do with.  With the “Gite a la noix” cut, which translated by google is “Cottage has nuts” … now my new favorite nickname for the Gite / Noix cut … you can do one of two things:

1) warm, fry and rest.  The flavor is there, but a bit chewy.  Perhaps with a nice sauce.

2) Pound the crap out of it – a la Chicken Fried Steak.

At a glance:

–  pound flour into beef with salt and pepper

– start some rice

–  chop onion

–  fry beef in hot duck fat

– while beef rests, gently cook onions

–  add flour for gravy

– add milk, make magic gravy

–  grab wine and serve


Behold the Cottage Nuts cut:

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