Angry Panda



Grrrr!  Angry Panda.  An “Andy Pandy” mishap with Minty learning English and Angry Pandies.  It’s all so complicated.  Thankfully we have a mug to smooth the edges.  I still have no idea what Andy Pandy is on about.  But our previous renter suited up as Andy Pandy which Minty took as “Angry Panda.”  A very interesting concept.  I’ll leave it at that.  Discuss…

Then we had pork.



After 9pm.



And we fed the calf.  But first, Lumi did his duty.



The calf is doing well.   Brent walks in with the giant bottle.



Happy boy.  Last feed for this evening.



Rosebud checked the herd.  They are loving the pasture.  This July rain is amazing.



Munchy Munchy.




So well behaved.  Even with the Blondes next door.


Historic Shopping Lists Of The Past



Back in the Costco days, I would write up the shopping list on a whiteboard, take a photo with my phone and carry on picking up what I needed.  Buy my stuff along with a cashmere sweater I didn’t need, the latest Scholastic video collection, another chopping board set and carry that load in two or three giant Costco shopping bags up 45 steps to the house with a baby on my hip, up hill both ways.  Then retrieve the giant kilo bags of toilet paper and other paper products.  Baby on hip as well as I felt uncomfortable leaving baby up at the house while I went so far away to retrieve paper products.

The girls made me review old iPhone shots. Along with some great shots of Brent and kids, these shopping lists came up.

“Socks Otto” … even today, still have that one on the list.  Oh boys and their socks.

“Tomatoes”, yep

“Dots” … I can only think of gummy-ish candy called Dots.  Other than that, I have no idea what I picked up.

“Otto” … Yeah Otto always needs something.  Or does the whole thing sum to Otto.  Is that what Otto is made of made of?


Ooooo.  Beef short ribs!  A good day!  And who doesn’t love a “cheese block?”  Then, please, sleep 8 hours.



“Vintage White” is not a wine, but a cheese.  We stepped it up a bit and moved beyond the “cheese block.”



Whew.  Glad my maths worked out.  “Pork something”  well that sounds appertizing.





Then we moved to France and the list got more complicated …

“Haricots blanc”, “Chou-fluer”, “Courgettes” and “Rosé” … honestly.  Oh and “white” and “red”.  The “cheese block” of wine.




It was fun looking back at what food we needed for the family.  These days, we produce more and buy or trade from other farms.  I have a giant bag of duck hearts to collect.  My shop run now consists of paper products, sugar, coffee and milk.  We shall one day do the milk cow.

Ping Pong Ding Dong King Kong

As the boredom sets in, Lucy worked out some “ing” and “ong” words. She knew the ones that sounded plausible, “sing song”, but when she arrived at “king kong,” she questioned. “No,” I say, “that works.” “King kong?” What’s that? I explain something about a giant gorilla and an old horror flick. “Uh-huh” in their eyes, we went to YouTube to have a look.

And this is what they said.

Both: SCARY!? That’s not scary.
Lucy: It’s supposed to be scary, but it’s not scary. He’s a stuffed animal.

Lucy: How do they make a stuffed animal look so big?
Otto: They use the computer.
Lucy: Or they just make a big stuffed animal.
Otto: Actually, mom, that is a big gorilla.

Both: Why do they talk that way?
Me: That’s the way American actors spoke back then.
Both: Weird.
Lucy: It’s like Singin In The Rain. Wait, is that Han Solo?


I don’t think I’ve actually watched King Kong ( original or otherwise ).  Watching the trailer generated so many questions on how that movie was made and the effects were done, I think we’ll need to add this gem to movie night.


Watching this trailer, I noticed some Gates of Mordor action in there.


The Cows Are In California


California is an ex-vineyard turn food for cows. Plenty of clover and lots of grass. You see brown, but underneath is rich green. The pasture goes green, exposing the undergrowth as they munch along. Go July!

We checked on them this evening because I heard them moo. When cows moo in the evening, sometimes they’re full and sometimes they’re being naughty. They were full.

Rain Rain



So a few more weeks of growth!  Growth with the grass.  Growth with the kiddies.  It’s summer vacation now.  The kids get bored and grow.  Weeks and weeks of total boredom can inspire amazing solutions to overcome these dull times.


Rain helps cleanse those whacky ideas and helps you bring your bike in.



Yep.  Lumi, that is a drop of rain.  Move along now silly pup.



Minty is a bit rock-n-roll.



Otto runs after Lumi and sisters and between the raindrops.



Brent runs because he does that.  Great pants!



The tractor tire has been a huge hit! ( thanks for patching, Kevin! ).  Rain adds an extra skill to balancing and bouncing.


Pedal Proud



We taught one of four kids to ride a bike.  The other three arrived one day.  “Hey look!  Minty is riding a big bike!”  Z has been riding her pedal-less bike since before she was one.  She could barely touch the ground.

Many tears and full-on frustration.  Poor gal, trying to keep up with Lucy, Minty and Otto.



Though weather was never a problem.  She hopped on and had some fun.  … the Princess costume helped keep her balanced.



When Kevin is out, he would push her around on whatever bike she wanted.  Pink one.  Blue one.  We really do spoil the last child.  As you do.


Brent took her out yesterday on the white bike with pedals and she loved it.  She rode it!

Later, the sisters did The Track ( crazy neighbor created a circuit for bikes with a lawn mower.  Now, the kids are full on. ).  Lumi is angling for a quadrupedal bicycle.  Or another tennis ball.  Or a nap.  He’s not all that picky.



Z wanted to join in.  I did a little start-up with the bike and off she went.  ‘Round and around she went.  I jogged by her a bit  because she doesn’t yet know how to stop.  After she got moving, her words were, “okay!  now go home!”

The tongue helps you go up hill.  And do fancy foot-off pedal tricks.  Cheeky.



The face of serious work.



And more tongue.  Four kids, all use the tongue of concentration.  I carry the recessive.  As Zelie does not know how to stop, she falls gently.  Big cry.  ” Up! up! ” I say.  ” Do you want to continue? ”

Zelie: “YES!”



Minty in Full Princess showing no face.  She’s like that, our Mint.



and yes, Z rides her pedal bike in tighty pinkies.  It’s summer vacation.  All bets are off for proper dress when you live on a farm.


Fourth Equals Mass Times Celebration



Happy Independence Day America!

I’ve explained in French and English what all this Fourth of July business is about.  Food!  Folks! Fun!  Fireworks!  Thankfully Brent was there to recap why we do what we do on this day.  Current conditions in the Gers are wet and cold.  I think the BBQ will need to wait.  Lucy is making a flag cake, a very important part of independence.  We have the freedom to make a flag in cake.


It’s Time For A Beef Montage




Filet Mignon



Filet Mignon in a pan.  Leek and garlic notes from this morning’s fry-up.

Faux filet.  Top Sirloin










In curry!  On flat bread!




Farmer’s cuts!



Served with some peas and friends!



Something meaty all gone!


Aussie steak sandwich but with French bread and French mustard so not so much Aussie, but Aussie inspired! OI OI OI!



Crunch, pull, pass me a napkin!


Oh wait, that’s la ferme de roussa duck.  … but still montage worthy! dah-dah dah dah-dah-dah!



I can totally do a one handed push-up.  Come see!  C’est tellement dur maintenant!