Sleepy Hollow, Club Med Cow Move



Brent, Otto and farm guest moved the cows.  The cows had Club Med.  Club Med resides in Sleepy Hollow, the paddock.  With this move, they got a bit more yummy stuff including some trees.

After the temp fence was made, the boys walk the cows to where they will cross over to new grass.



The herd bunches and waits for the call.



They munch and munch, generally facing the same way.  After, they will rest in the trees.  We are happy to have so much food for the herd.



Restraining my inner peanut gallery, let’s all get up and appreciate an instrument that knows no limits.  My Panflute Pop Pick: The Macarena.



Flying Retrievers



I’m learning more and more about the Golden Retriever.  If you can imagine a pie, a large slice is dedicated to sleeping and snoring.  There is a small sliver for eating, but they eat so quickly not much time is spent there.  The entire pie rests in a butter crust of “eating desire.”  When you’re not looking they will eat the pie.  There is a fair slice of cuddles and pats.  And the final slice is retrieving.  It’s like they were bred to retrieve.



Chorale is the most athletic.  She’s the one with the orange collar.  When the ball is tossed, she leaves the young boys in the dust.  She’s a grumpy bitch with amazing athletic ability.



I love to watch their face so dedicated to the thrown object.  They follow that object so closely, their bodies do crazy things to get that thing.

They fly.



And tug a bit with the wee one as he learns this whole retrieving thing.




Then they rest.  And smile.



Chorale sits by her well retrieved mini rugby ball.



Lumi displays his crazy black and pink tongue.


Somehow, Somewhere, A Retriever Is Laughing


Minty’s photo. This dog was laughing, yes laughing, at the children beating up Imaginary Kevin.  They kicked his American arse in X-Box-V-Ball.  You goin’ down, bro, yo , yo-yo.  We are heading full throttle to ” back-to-school .”



I’m quite certain that Mr. K had no idea of said attack.  We are SO not competitive.

Bouncing kids, cows moved, calves happy, Kevin somewhat crushed.  Good times.

The Giant Armagnac Tanks In The Room


I love this shot of the boys chatting about the day or politics or neighbors or whatever Gascons talk about.  Oh they have been sold, the tanks. We love Armagnac, but do not produce it here on the farm.  Those beauties are massive.  Though, they make them much more massive-r.

I must admit, I enjoy the moving of large things by large moving things that move large things.



They squeaked out of the large barn.  It was quiet and effortless with Mr. Green.


They arrived safely to their new home.  Where great local Armagnac will be produced.


You Can Take The Girl Out Of Her Country…



Resident teen has left.  It’s been great having her here.  We met her with her family when she was four-years-old in America.  Brent worked with her father back in the day back in Seattle.  We went over the pond from Seattle to ” The Eastside ” to visit back when she was four. Holding Brent’s two fingers, her parents beaming,  she blabbed and blabbed leading Brent on a tour of all the flowers and things she found interesting.  We didn’t have kids back then and we thought she was pretty cool speaking her mind like that.



We didn’t see the family much until we moved to France because she moved to England.  Since we’ve moved to France, she has come over for a spell each year to cringe with the kids and help out.

This year’s visit she had to look after our bottle calf, Je t’aime.  Then a bit of care to Joyride who needs a little home time.



We’ve been preparing the house for the new school year and new neighbors and new times.  While clearing out some stuff, we found these stellar overalls left by Dear Michael.  I have a photo of him in these beauties, but I’m sure he’ll use his cyber power to block such an image.

They fit her perfectly.  She was drawn to them.  Okay, yes, this was after a third listen to GAC’s Top 100 Country Hits ( sorry Dr. T.! ).  She was comfortable and cozy.  Even Minty complemented her on her new look, “when will you be released from those?”




She’s a big girl now.  Ready to continue her studies and think and act on her adult life.  We hope to see her again sometime.

Brent sent me a link ” Kate Bush: her 31 UK singles from worst to best. ”  At number 28, I stopped writing and thought of my own kids at four.  There is no way they will be eighteen.  I think it’s gonna be a long, long time…


Holding On To This One

from Minty

I love cards and art from the kids.  I don’t have favorites.  No, all my children do amazing work.  As a parent, I have to say that because my kids know how to read.  They read this blog which I never, ever imagined happening. Now I’m careful with what I write.  Like, I can’t tell you that Otto’s art is the most amazing.

Minty surprises me a lot.  She is very detailed.  She drew a picture of me in a Betsey Johnson skirt I’ve never worn.  I bought that skirt back in the yuppie days and haven’t found the right top to wear with it.  It is very cute.  Like a tutu, but you can wear it off-stage and without the bun.  She paired it with a simple black short-sleeve shirt and blue Italian pumps, interesting.  The ” tutu look ” is back and Minty likes it.  We call this style ” Minty Metal. ”  … More on the later.

I’m holding on to this one.  This note is important.  One day she’ll be out in my tutu that will have come back in fashion.  Wearing my favorite blue pumps, she’ll put out her cigarette and say with an American-Gascon accent, ” you don’t understand!  I hate you! “

” Nope, you’re wrong, ”  I’ll say.  Then present her with a signed copy of when she clearly stated ” I love u so matche.”



Now that it is later, here’s that more.  I give you ” Give Me Chocolate “

I Take A Lot Of Burger Shots



Burger day today.  We don’t always bun the burger, but on special occasions, like when resident teen is around or the end of summer is near, we bring on the bun.  Everyone has their own style.  Above is Otto’s burger.

  • ketchup
  • cheese
  • burger
  • lettuce
  • tomato

” And bun … heh heh. “

These babies brown.  They brown!



Zélie’s burger

  • No ketchup!
  • No pick-ohs
  • No onions
  • No special sauce
  • No onions




Minty’s burger

  • ketchup
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • frites
  • tomato
  • pickles
  • cheese





Minty has other versions.  She doesn’t always frite her burger.  Lucy is still working on her style with the burgers.




Extra points for looking like a gummy burger.



You can keep it simple or make the burger complicated.  What I love is that there is no need to mix stuff into the patties.  They can hold strong while you mess with the fixin’s.


We often eat them without the song and dance.  A bit of salt and pepper.  Some rest.  The flavor is lovely.  Served with veg.



On the back of French-Do-American-Bun packs, they lay out the exploded diagram of a Classique American Burger.

  • bottom bun
  • ketchup
  • lettuce
  • burger
  • cheese
  • tomat
  • pink flying saucer
  • the goat cheese with the hardy outy and softy innie
  • top bun






Today’s burgers were three years in the making.  We did the quick fry-and-taste … acceptable.  Lovely.  Yep, these burgers are good.  Whew.

S’mores, The Taste of American Camping



The kids wanted to make S’mores.  We bought all the ingredients a few days ago and promptly ate them ’round the hob.  You typically do this sort of food around a campfire.  Lucy insisted that we do this properly.  So back to the shops to buy some more ingredients.  Everything is easy to find except the Graham Crackers.  The closest I could get was ” petite beurre ” cookies.

Z demonstrates the final product.



For those who aren’t familiar with The S’more here’s a quick how-to.  The ” S’more ” is short for ” that is so fantastic! I want some more! ”  or Brent’s version, ” what a complete waste of chocolate and marshmallows. ”

Build a small campfire.

Toast your marshmallow over the campfire.  Everyone has their own style.  Kids usually flame their marshmallow just because they can.  I’m more of a crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside kinda girl.



Minty demonstrates the layering.  One cracker, two squares of chocolate and one hot marshmallow.



Squidge the marshmallow into the chocolate with the other cracker.



Fingers can get sticky in the process.  Clean up and tuck in.



When the sugar rush hits your brain, you begin to slur and yell out ” That was fantastic!  I want s’more! ”

When all the ingredients have run out and there is no more s’more, pout on a hay bale.



It’s okay girl, I know.  Oh, I know.

Gliddy Glub Gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy



We did an early morning cow walk.  The cows were up and munching.  All the mums are feeding. La la la, lo lo.






Hot 100, a wonderful cow, milks her calf Juicyfruit.  The herd is munching their way down the front of the farm.  We had a random visitor pop by to see the cows.  ” So beautiful!  You don’t see that breed here, ” she said in French.  Most of the cows you see in our area are white.




Below is Jagger, one of our bulls.  He’s fond of the ladies and likes to pull pouty faces. Work it Jagger.


This cow does not have six legs, she’s milking her calf.  And on her left is her yearling calf.  He stays close for some of mom’s homecookin’.  Salers are great milkers.  Though, I think it’s time to move along dude.  Get out there munching the pasture.  Stop being a Mama’s Boy.