Check This Out

Home from the shops.  Dogs running to say hello.  Neighbour mowing the lawn.  The sun is shining!  “Check this out,” says the neighbour ( he’s from England so I need to spell it that way ).  I think, hmmm, he mowed a dog.  He mowed a nest of eggs.  AH!  He mowed a doll!  Quite an image.


Dolly was camping out in the long grass, yes we have long grass and yes it is August ( woo hoo! ).  She hunkered down in her grass bunker waiting for the right moment.  Sadly, all her hard work was thwarted by two minutes with Mr. G. and that lawnmower.  She should have heard him coming.  She should have heard that noise.

Amazingly, she lost but one butt cheek and a tricep.

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