Wild And Free


So many visitors in August. Too many for us to keep up. We are so focused on the beef, it takes a minute to get back on track with those on vacation enjoying the beauty and calm around us.  Yes!  It’s so quiet here.  It is so beautiful.  I appreciate these things every day.  I feel wild and free.

Otto cuddles GrayCute, the barn cat.  GrayCute arrived in a white bucket with three other kittens from our neighbor.  It was a Wednesday, kids off school.  ” These kittens were abandoned,” she says.  We’ll take two.  Wild and free those kittens.  Happening upon a farm of children and cuddles.  Lucky them.  Lots of work to do here.

DSC_1206Interesting to see the farm before the vines came down.  Those pastures are now producing amazing amounts of food for the herd.  Many worms, oh let us not forget the worm.  If the worm had a fluffy tail, it would have so much more publicity.

We are free to make this land productive with grass-fed beef.  We can be wild and not do the things they do.  Brent walks the pasture to see what we can to do to improve fertility.  What will make this pasture better for the herd.


The kids have some idea what we do, but tossing straw is a great way to pass the time before dinner.

DSC_1398Z is freely and wildly aware that she is the youngest.  She knows where her sister hides the make-up.  And she’s not afraid to celebrate that knowledge…


We love summer vacation.  The kids have so much time and space to wander around, have a picnic, get bored, get bored again and come up with something interesting.  They are free.  And, okay, a bit wild.


The only limitation is themselves.

2 thoughts on “Wild And Free

    • Jean Curtis says:

      oh stop! One step forward and four little steps back. I think they will make fine adults. Though raising them is another story.

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