Gliddy Glub Gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy



We did an early morning cow walk.  The cows were up and munching.  All the mums are feeding. La la la, lo lo.






Hot 100, a wonderful cow, milks her calf Juicyfruit.  The herd is munching their way down the front of the farm.  We had a random visitor pop by to see the cows.  ” So beautiful!  You don’t see that breed here, ” she said in French.  Most of the cows you see in our area are white.




Below is Jagger, one of our bulls.  He’s fond of the ladies and likes to pull pouty faces. Work it Jagger.


This cow does not have six legs, she’s milking her calf.  And on her left is her yearling calf.  He stays close for some of mom’s homecookin’.  Salers are great milkers.  Though, I think it’s time to move along dude.  Get out there munching the pasture.  Stop being a Mama’s Boy.



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