Holding On To This One

from Minty

I love cards and art from the kids.  I don’t have favorites.  No, all my children do amazing work.  As a parent, I have to say that because my kids know how to read.  They read this blog which I never, ever imagined happening. Now I’m careful with what I write.  Like, I can’t tell you that Otto’s art is the most amazing.

Minty surprises me a lot.  She is very detailed.  She drew a picture of me in a Betsey Johnson skirt I’ve never worn.  I bought that skirt back in the yuppie days and haven’t found the right top to wear with it.  It is very cute.  Like a tutu, but you can wear it off-stage and without the bun.  She paired it with a simple black short-sleeve shirt and blue Italian pumps, interesting.  The ” tutu look ” is back and Minty likes it.  We call this style ” Minty Metal. ”  … More on the later.

I’m holding on to this one.  This note is important.  One day she’ll be out in my tutu that will have come back in fashion.  Wearing my favorite blue pumps, she’ll put out her cigarette and say with an American-Gascon accent, ” you don’t understand!  I hate you! “

” Nope, you’re wrong, ”  I’ll say.  Then present her with a signed copy of when she clearly stated ” I love u so matche.”



Now that it is later, here’s that more.  I give you ” Give Me Chocolate “

3 thoughts on “Holding On To This One

  1. cecilia says:

    OH. This one made me feel a little weepy.. at least you know which top to find to go with your skirt though.. and they do wear your clothes when they are older, when my 28 year old daughter and I get together I have to go through her suitcase before we part again, she will STEAL my clothes without shame. Minty Metal. ! wonderful.. c

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