The Night Was Going Well And Then We had Some Tequila

Bordeaux run today.  Beef to happy beef customers.  There are so many scheduling details and things to do, I always forget to bring my camera.  I have the phone shots, but it’s not the same.  We talk so much about the farm, the cows, the kids and the family, I want to bring in the delivery side of things.

Bordeaux is beautiful.  I’ve never stepped foot around town, but it has a good feel.  Below is a photo I took when I did our first trip with Z.  The rocket is still there as of today.


Our man in Bordeaux who helps with meat peeps sends back a cadeau with me, a bottle of Tequila.  I haven’t tasted or heard the word Tequila in years.  Memories of Friday Cadillac Margaritas at El-something-or-other of which I can’t remember due to Cadillac Margarita Syndrome ( C.M.S. ), awakened a reminiscent, “aaaaah.”  He has family connections with the Meh-hee-cans.  We had a chat about ” The Good Tequila.”  There is ” driving the porcelain bus ” Tequila and there is ” having a good laugh ” Tequila.  Add a good laugh with Grand Marnier and you get a Cadillac.  I mentioned this type of Tequila to Brent and he laughed at me.   ” No, it’s like saying there is nice Vodka. ”  I had a small sip of the Tequila to try it, very nice.  We have another delivery tomorrow, so no time to test this hypothesis.

After three coffees and a big day, I devoured a burger.  It was the best burger I ever ate.



.. best burger I ever ate ref


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