Try To Remember The Kind Of September



Where grass was green and grain was yellow.  We’ve not known this kind of September.  Usually the grass is yellow and the grain has been harvested so the fields are brown.  We remember hay was fed and a long wait for the growth of October.

The herd crossed over to Vila as they munch their way back up to the yards.  When Brent calls them, they follow.



The calves are older and the herd is calmed by our f-ing heifers.  Our f-ing heifers were yearlings when they arrived on the farm a few years ago.  They are all named starting with the letter ‘f’ … that’s ‘f’ for the ‘f’ year they were born in.  And ‘f’ for “f-ing” heifers as we called them often.  We were all callow fellows.  They were young and we were learning our systems.  They are big, fat calm cows now.



The yearlings trot a bit, but no one panics and ‘f-ing’ hasn’t been used in years.  The lucerne is high and the herd is mellow.







Gates are closed, buffer is done.



We’ll try to remember the kind of September where it rained all summer and the grass was growing.  They follow.



3 thoughts on “Try To Remember The Kind Of September

  1. Jill B. says:

    Happy September…make a pic book to open up later when the fields are brown. It is so beautiful there.
    CA. is all brown and drought ridden. Even the bees are thirsty.
    I love how your cows are so well fed and mellow. Thanks for sharing!

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