Farm Girls



After feeding the calves, the girls went for a climb.



I can’t believe little Z is almost four.



Almost four!  Her little Z-toes still have that baby chub.  I saw some baby toes the other day, chub chub.



Otto bunny-eared the photo, but was thwarted by the Minty grip of death.



Flies have no issue with electric fences.  They have no grounds.



The girls choreograph a right gumboot drop.  Tricky.


5 thoughts on “Farm Girls

    • Jean Curtis says:

      It’s been hot lately. We are in the barn in that set of photos. Yes, incredible rain when you were here. Otherwise, we would have gone to the pool more often!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      That’s what Brent calls them. Since I grew up in Southern California, I didn’t have a word for those type of boots that keep your feet dry in case of wet conditions. I use his word for them.

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