Lunch Today, Entrecôte With Sweet Potatoes


Sweet pots cooked in a high oven in a bubbly bed of duck fat. The Entrecôte was grilled on the hob in duck fat with some salt and pepper. I let it cook a bit too far, but still most enjoyable for this Tuesday in September. Autumn seems to be approaching.

7 thoughts on “Lunch Today, Entrecôte With Sweet Potatoes

  1. bizzyella says:

    OMG, the dog. Do they go to a school where they are taught to do that? For my little Westie, the attentive stare is just the first step. After that he tries to jump in my lap. I so hope he doesn’t pull that in a restaurant. Anyway, great shot. It really captures the drama of trying to relax while eating with a faux-hungry pet in the vicinity.

  2. Jean Curtis says:

    heh. Nah, he gets a bit of scrap and then sighs, ” aaaah. that’s it then.” Then cuddles by our feet. Silly pup. Lovely pup.

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