The Sky Was Blue and High Above

brent mint cow move

Worrying about the cows is my normal.  It’s my job.  Brent does the work with the cows, but I worry.  Fences, moves, water, fence strength … this is what I worry about.  But the sky is blue and high above.  The cows are fat and so is love.  This eager heart of mine is singing, cattle where can you be?

Minty, baby Mint Mint, moved the cows with Brent.  The cows are so happy with all the lucerne available this autumn.

brent mint cow move

She got a bit close to the fence which is HOT.  Brent taught her about the danger of the electric fence and this is the face she pulled.

brent mint cow move

Fat cows eating green makes me so happy.

brent mint cow move

Brent moves the water to the next section.  a quick dump of the water and a move of the hose.

brent mint cow move

Cows munching while he does this.

brent mint cow move

He drags the dish over.

brent mint cow move

Graycute, the wild, supervises the procedures.

brent mint cow move

Live hose with water comes to meet the tub.

brent mint cow move

The herd is happy in the new patch of yum.  They did quite a number on the last rectangle.

brent mint cow move

Totally ignoring us, they munch away.

brent mint cow move

When I see a fat cow, I get excited.  This is exciting to me.

brent mint cow move



Cheesepoof, a.k.a “Graycute,” is doing his rounds. After hunting all the mice on the farm, he likes to rest in the library in the game cubby on the games directly. He spends more time resting than hunting me thinks. Though, it’s getting colder now and the mice are coming in. He actually caught a mouse in the house, so we’ll give him a treat.

Lucy has a voice for Graycute. He has lots of lines and thought that she shares at a volume audible to all. The pups know that Graycute is not allowed in the house. When Lucy, in Cheesepoof voice, says, ” CHEESEPOOF!!” the dogs come running to chase the cat out of the house. “Cheesepoof” to the dogs means “chase the cat out.”

… Graycute is resting on Nuclear War. “War” covered by his big, fat belly.

Of Zombies and Chokos


Big sister has taken to face painting.  Last night, right before bed, she did ” Black. ”  Brent didn’t know about Black until he saw Z in the morning.  Black migrated and built little colonies away from her face.  Huge cities of Black on her arms, neck and legs. Face completely clean.   Amazing the transient qualities of Black.  He gave her a bath.

This day was ” Red. ”  Red lasted until we visited a friend.  Z will do anything to go with Mommy.  Wiped her face, put on her shoes and peed in the potty ( even though there was ” no pee in me! ” ).  Halloween approaching.  ‘Tis the season to be Zombie.

Below are Chayotes.  I have NO idea what to do with them.  They were given to me.  I always love fresh veg.  They’ve occupied my kitchen for a few days now.  Yesterday, I noticed they were sprouting.  They’re growing tentacles.  When I cooked the duck confit, I felt their presence.  I looked back to make sure they were still there.  Stirred the Blanquette de Veau.  Looked back and their tentacles grew another inch.  Not sure where to go from here.  I can plant them or eat them.  Otherwise, they might become mobile.


Notes From The Frigo


We delivered ground beef and veal to Bordeaux today.  Brent held the farm and I did the delivery.  It was a great day for a delivery.  Sunshine, hot, just gorgeous.  The kids are off for two weeks now.  Les vacances was in the air.

Bordeaux is beautiful.  Though I’ve never been in the town, it has a good vibe.  This opinion derived from traffic behaviour and general beauty-ness.

They can squat and take photos on water in Bordeaux.


My first stop is moving beef in a parking lot near the city’s science building.  The science building is gorgeous and hard to photograph driving a frigo van.  This is across the way.  Though, the Jet Heart pillars would make a fine science center annex.


After, off to the next drop near the observatory.


Have to go over this cute looking bridge to get there.


That is a very wide river.


It looks like you can buy a piece of Central Park in France.  … or the spirit of Central Park.


Then to the observatory.  These instruments are no longer used, but they leave a great impression on the landscape.




We managed to sneak in a veal taste test before I left, but come 5pm, I was very hungry.  I hate buying pre-packaged crap, so I got all brie and baguette.  It was THE best brie and baguette sandwich I ever ate.  I don’t remember much between the first bite and brushing the crumbs off my lap.  I also bought a pack of “smarties” … that’s M&Ms to you and me.  If I return from a Bordeaux trip without a yellow pack of snarf, I get told off.


All photos are from within our new/used refrigerated van.  It’s very exciting because we can be flexible and spontaneous.

The frigo is a Ford mark and as such sports the obligatory cup holder.  Perfect for buck-thirdy auto expresso.


The surprise feature that Brent figured out, is the toll road slot.  ” What is this slot for? ” he asks.  Then it all came clear.  Fits also the bidness card.



What’s in an email signature.  I usually use ” -jean ” Informally, I use ” -j ”  Formally, I use ” jean curtis, bitch! ”

I don’t hand out the ‘x’ or the ‘o’

And when I leave it signature-less, I was in a hurry.  I wasn’t trying to be rude.

My children are now sending me email.  Something I hadn’t planned for.  With a quick response, I post my retort punctuated with ” -mom. ”  I had to act quickly.

I know I am a mom, but when you put it like that, I become mom in writing.  I am ” -mom ” ( roar implied ).  There in interweb daylight, me is ” -mom ”  I hadn’t anticipated writing email to my children.  Too worried about their bath and teeth and meals.  What, email?  Ah.

Otto sent a picture that he drew on the community kid computer.

hey mom here is a photo av woodstock, blue-dogs friend. and my photo also

Very cute.  I love the caption clouds.  He’s been reading a lot of Peanuts these days, as you might imagine.

The email is great for their English.  They need to think about what they want to write, then compose and spell correctly.  Also, stick in silly emoticons and insult their mother.  All fodder for Judo trash-talk.  Trash-talking is core in this family.  Keeps you strong.  Keeps you real.

October Lucerne


The herd is finishing up the last of the lucerne.  This year, there is still plenty to get through.  They are some happy, fat cows at the moment.

Second move today, they finished their slice and move to the next.


The herd doesn’t get far before tucking in.


The villa has new neighbors for the evening.


Running On Empty


My camera is full.  Brent backs it up, but we’ve been so busy.  Beef sales, cows, kids.  Backing up photos is way down the list. So after deleting what I could, I’m left with retro-photos.  Photos of the yuppie years.  Where poppies grew too fast and Cheerios stuck on foreheads.


No cows to worry about.  No dogs.  Just a Porsche that could possibly be damaged by the weekend suburb drunkards.


Blue Betsey Johnson skirt not touched.  Other than a trip to the shops hugged around my waist.

Some dinner with friends.  We cycled that night and hired a babysitter.  Oh those were the days.  Of two kids and cash flow.


A port-o-potty dangles while someone improves their home.


iphone at its best.  Quick snaps of daily life of 2008.  Daily life of a life I’ve not looked at for many years.

Running on empty.  Keeps you fired.  Keeps you energetic.   Keeps you keeping on.

Today, In Le Farmville


The cows calmly walked to ” soccer pitch. ”  A paddock named for form and function, or potential function.  They are behind that giant oak.  Very happy and very munchy.

Brent is moving the hay in, one ball at a time.   These are the balls to come in from ” Adventure Playground.” I feel a Lotto coming on…


Lucy wore spectacular pants today.  Thankfully my fashion statement has carried on through my daughters.  No need to get fancy now.  I’ll just pop these jeans on again and swipe some mascara on.  Sit back and enjoy the progeny.