Munchy Munch in October



The cows came up to the yards today.  Well behaved and knowing the drill, they walked calmly to their new slice in California T.  I love the cow that walks a calm walk.


We are still grazing the grass.  With the rain and sun and rain and sun, the grass is growing.  Last year, we fed a bit of hay while we waited for the autumn growth.  This year we keep riding the Spring that doesn’t quit.  The herd is munching away on each section.  It’s a bit cool in the morning, but warms right up for the afternoon and evening.  The tomatoes are confused and we are amused.  When the kids are off to bed, we sit outside in a tank-top or t-shirt reflecting on the day and days to come.



often giggling when in late October, we lit the fire … just for kicks.  Only to desparately need Mr. Green in late November.  With a big hug and a hot cocoa, we get through those cold months of late.  But for now, I wipe the sweat off my brow, think about a nice cool shower and ready to slip into my mumu.

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