Running On Empty


My camera is full.  Brent backs it up, but we’ve been so busy.  Beef sales, cows, kids.  Backing up photos is way down the list. So after deleting what I could, I’m left with retro-photos.  Photos of the yuppie years.  Where poppies grew too fast and Cheerios stuck on foreheads.


No cows to worry about.  No dogs.  Just a Porsche that could possibly be damaged by the weekend suburb drunkards.


Blue Betsey Johnson skirt not touched.  Other than a trip to the shops hugged around my waist.

Some dinner with friends.  We cycled that night and hired a babysitter.  Oh those were the days.  Of two kids and cash flow.


A port-o-potty dangles while someone improves their home.


iphone at its best.  Quick snaps of daily life of 2008.  Daily life of a life I’ve not looked at for many years.

Running on empty.  Keeps you fired.  Keeps you energetic.   Keeps you keeping on.

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5 thoughts on “Running On Empty

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    Yeah, fatty. But the dinner was LOVELY! I still remember the tomatoes. … though at babysitting prices, your cuisine may have had a yum boost. Damn that was good. Where are the kids? Not here!

  2. Joshua Goodspeed says:

    We would love to have some/all of the Curtis clan over for a visit once we are settled in. I know that is logistically effectively impossible, but the offer is open. In the interim, we will figure out how to come visit you while I am “unemployed” before I start the new job.

  3. Jean Curtis says:

    We all don’t go nowhere. If I could bottle and sell the sound of CURTIS to the post box. For those fans of Merzbow, you would understand. So much potential, so much shit to work through. The spirit is strong with this lot.

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