What’s in an email signature.  I usually use ” -jean ” Informally, I use ” -j ”  Formally, I use ” jean curtis, bitch! ”

I don’t hand out the ‘x’ or the ‘o’

And when I leave it signature-less, I was in a hurry.  I wasn’t trying to be rude.

My children are now sending me email.  Something I hadn’t planned for.  With a quick response, I post my retort punctuated with ” -mom. ”  I had to act quickly.

I know I am a mom, but when you put it like that, I become mom in writing.  I am ” -mom ” ( roar implied ).  There in interweb daylight, me is ” -mom ”  I hadn’t anticipated writing email to my children.  Too worried about their bath and teeth and meals.  What, email?  Ah.

Otto sent a picture that he drew on the community kid computer.

hey mom here is a photo av woodstock, blue-dogs friend. and my photo also

Very cute.  I love the caption clouds.  He’s been reading a lot of Peanuts these days, as you might imagine.

The email is great for their English.  They need to think about what they want to write, then compose and spell correctly.  Also, stick in silly emoticons and insult their mother.  All fodder for Judo trash-talk.  Trash-talking is core in this family.  Keeps you strong.  Keeps you real.

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