Notes From The Frigo


We delivered ground beef and veal to Bordeaux today.  Brent held the farm and I did the delivery.  It was a great day for a delivery.  Sunshine, hot, just gorgeous.  The kids are off for two weeks now.  Les vacances was in the air.

Bordeaux is beautiful.  Though I’ve never been in the town, it has a good vibe.  This opinion derived from traffic behaviour and general beauty-ness.

They can squat and take photos on water in Bordeaux.


My first stop is moving beef in a parking lot near the city’s science building.  The science building is gorgeous and hard to photograph driving a frigo van.  This is across the way.  Though, the Jet Heart pillars would make a fine science center annex.


After, off to the next drop near the observatory.


Have to go over this cute looking bridge to get there.


That is a very wide river.


It looks like you can buy a piece of Central Park in France.  … or the spirit of Central Park.


Then to the observatory.  These instruments are no longer used, but they leave a great impression on the landscape.




We managed to sneak in a veal taste test before I left, but come 5pm, I was very hungry.  I hate buying pre-packaged crap, so I got all brie and baguette.  It was THE best brie and baguette sandwich I ever ate.  I don’t remember much between the first bite and brushing the crumbs off my lap.  I also bought a pack of “smarties” … that’s M&Ms to you and me.  If I return from a Bordeaux trip without a yellow pack of snarf, I get told off.


All photos are from within our new/used refrigerated van.  It’s very exciting because we can be flexible and spontaneous.

The frigo is a Ford mark and as such sports the obligatory cup holder.  Perfect for buck-thirdy auto expresso.


The surprise feature that Brent figured out, is the toll road slot.  ” What is this slot for? ” he asks.  Then it all came clear.  Fits also the bidness card.

3 thoughts on “Notes From The Frigo

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    What a cool addition to your business. It looks like a fun visit for all (except perhaps the steers being delivered!) We never made it to Bordeaux, although we certainly enjoyed the wines from there!

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