Of Zombies and Chokos


Big sister has taken to face painting.  Last night, right before bed, she did ” Black. ”  Brent didn’t know about Black until he saw Z in the morning.  Black migrated and built little colonies away from her face.  Huge cities of Black on her arms, neck and legs. Face completely clean.   Amazing the transient qualities of Black.  He gave her a bath.

This day was ” Red. ”  Red lasted until we visited a friend.  Z will do anything to go with Mommy.  Wiped her face, put on her shoes and peed in the potty ( even though there was ” no pee in me! ” ).  Halloween approaching.  ‘Tis the season to be Zombie.

Below are Chayotes.  I have NO idea what to do with them.  They were given to me.  I always love fresh veg.  They’ve occupied my kitchen for a few days now.  Yesterday, I noticed they were sprouting.  They’re growing tentacles.  When I cooked the duck confit, I felt their presence.  I looked back to make sure they were still there.  Stirred the Blanquette de Veau.  Looked back and their tentacles grew another inch.  Not sure where to go from here.  I can plant them or eat them.  Otherwise, they might become mobile.


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