Cheesepoof, a.k.a “Graycute,” is doing his rounds. After hunting all the mice on the farm, he likes to rest in the library in the game cubby on the games directly. He spends more time resting than hunting me thinks. Though, it’s getting colder now and the mice are coming in. He actually caught a mouse in the house, so we’ll give him a treat.

Lucy has a voice for Graycute. He has lots of lines and thought that she shares at a volume audible to all. The pups know that Graycute is not allowed in the house. When Lucy, in Cheesepoof voice, says, ” CHEESEPOOF!!” the dogs come running to chase the cat out of the house. “Cheesepoof” to the dogs means “chase the cat out.”

… Graycute is resting on Nuclear War. “War” covered by his big, fat belly.

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