The Sky Was Blue and High Above

brent mint cow move

Worrying about the cows is my normal.  It’s my job.  Brent does the work with the cows, but I worry.  Fences, moves, water, fence strength … this is what I worry about.  But the sky is blue and high above.  The cows are fat and so is love.  This eager heart of mine is singing, cattle where can you be?

Minty, baby Mint Mint, moved the cows with Brent.  The cows are so happy with all the lucerne available this autumn.

brent mint cow move

She got a bit close to the fence which is HOT.  Brent taught her about the danger of the electric fence and this is the face she pulled.

brent mint cow move

Fat cows eating green makes me so happy.

brent mint cow move

Brent moves the water to the next section.  a quick dump of the water and a move of the hose.

brent mint cow move

Cows munching while he does this.

brent mint cow move

He drags the dish over.

brent mint cow move

Graycute, the wild, supervises the procedures.

brent mint cow move

Live hose with water comes to meet the tub.

brent mint cow move

The herd is happy in the new patch of yum.  They did quite a number on the last rectangle.

brent mint cow move

Totally ignoring us, they munch away.

brent mint cow move

When I see a fat cow, I get excited.  This is exciting to me.

brent mint cow move

6 thoughts on “The Sky Was Blue and High Above

  1. grasspunk says:

    Heifers can get too fat to breed, but I haven’t heard of cows with that problem. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. They can get into calving difficulties if they get too far before the birth is all I’ve ever heard.

  2. Zephyr Hill says:

    So glad you get a thrill out of fat cows (which I took to be in the generic bovine sense). Do you ever marvel at how beautifully you all have taken to the life of farming? 🙂

    Btw, what do you all do for water in the winter? I’m guessing you don’t use a hose . . . I’d love to hear about that. (If you told it before, I’ve forgotten.)

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yes, I love living and working this farm. There is so much to do and improve. It’s very satisfying feeding people.

      We use the hose in winter. The winter’s aren’t very cold. If we know it will freeze overnight, Brent drains the hose before we go to bed so it doesn’t freeze up. Brent should write up how we do water. We’ve come a long way. We used to drive a ton of water out to the cows. We improved that part with hoses. Whew.

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