What Are They On About, Nuts?


The herd is on Yukon.  They had exactly twenty-eight minutes to do so before I had to meet the kids at the bus.  Any funny bidness and I’d leave Brent to sort out the details.  They were well behaved.  Good cows.  Unexpected pasture in Yukon.  Brent was going to let it rest, but the grass was lush.

After the move, they tucked right in to the pasture, then they went to the trees.  Eating mostly brown, it seems they were interested in more than grass.  Nuts?  Truffes?  What ever the draw, they are happy and somewhat competitive.


Underneath the tall growth is yummy pasture waiting for cows.


Brent takes notes on fat heifers and other things.


Black yearling loving the pasture …. yeah!


The herd was happy to move despite the food they left.  They are a bit spoiled, that herd.


Yukon should do them fine for the evening.  Tomorrow, more Yukon.

2 thoughts on “What Are They On About, Nuts?

  1. grasspunk says:

    Kevin, yeah it is the end of the dry season and the paddocks that haven’t been closely grazed contain a lot of dead stuff. If I top it too early then the ground gets too hot and it delays growth, so if I’m going to mow somewhere I wait until just after the herd has been through. But I’m also reluctant to spend too much on diesel when the cows can do a lot of the work for me. They’ve only just been put in there and I’ll see how it looks when they’ve worked their way through it over the four days they’ll be in there.

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