Four Years Ago Today, It Was Very Cold


Today, in a t-shirt and feeling great, I cuddle my four-year-old.  We walked the dogs and she screamed very loud because Mimi and Hello Kitty, her slippers ( left and right respectively ) got wet.  That was 6:45 am.  DSC_9797

Yep, she’s four.  For so many years, I would be running after the next Curtis.  But not now.  She’s the baby of the family.  Just like me.  DSC_4917

She was showered with love and gifts from her sisters, who overtly hate her for her new Littlest Pet Pony fortune.  Bro was chill and gave her some Hello Kitty cups.  Job done, happy b-day little sis.DSC_9770

It was sooooo cold when she was born.  I remember the little pink cheeks of my children and husband coming to visit us in the hospital.  We were warm and they … oh so cold.IMG_0154

And now my bub is four.  DSC_3464

Sassy little thing.

Full of face and tiaras.


One thought on “Four Years Ago Today, It Was Very Cold

  1. Gladys says:

    I love you Zelie!! You are such a powerful and creative young girl. Your mom had a lot of attitude when she was four,also. I shared these fotos with grandma. She really enjoyed them.

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