Buttterball Blast


Not many opportunities to secure a whole turkey here in France.  With special, secret connections, we were pleasantly surprised with a whole turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner.  It came from Rammstein, Germany from an American military base.  Such an amazing gift for our annual T-day event.

I haven’t cooked a whole turkey for years.  Brent was the whole turkey cooker last and he would brine and butterfly.  With a Butterball, it’s all set up for chuck-in-the-oven magic.  So I did.

I like to sous chef Thanksgiving the night before.  Everything ready to cook.  On the day, I can chuck meat in the oven while cracking open the bags of prepared yum to cook.  Sous chef kitchen below.IMG_0175

Minty prepared an American flag in Play-doh.  People ask us “what is this Thanksgiving thing about?”  To which I respond something to the tune of ” A time for family to get together, laugh, chat, giggle and talk about Christmas plans.”  This might not be all that true, but I believe this is what it is today.  The history of Thanksgiving is quite different.  I’ll let you google that.IMG_0172

As we live in France, there are some Brits about.  We invited a few to our humble dinner and one chariot arrived full monty.  Right outside our dining table … as Zelie described it, ” an ‘X’ and a thing like zis and another thing like zis.  I can draw it!!”  IMG_0212

So we retaliated with the only flag we have.  Thankfully large.IMG_0213

The pups were chucked outside because the pups like to eat off the counter top.  A useful skill brought in with older pup Chorale taught to younger pups Jiggy and Lumi.  Once the kitchen was pup proof, they were allowed back in.IMG_0210

A hat on MInty.  Helicopter and gold.IMG_0200

A hat on Zelie, pumpkin and orange.


To my surprise the bird was not dry and burnt.  The dishes arrived and people seemed fed and happy.  No Black Friday to follow.   We are completely removed from sales during this time of year.   I woke up the next day, cleaned up and took the kids to a Judo match.

2 thoughts on “Buttterball Blast

  1. cecilia says:

    Apart from everything else (which sounds great) i am deeply impressed with your kitchen! I LOVE stainless .. can you just roll up the wall and hose it clean, that would be my dream kitchen.. c

  2. Jean Curtis says:

    yeah, I wish. with a drain. I’d love that. I can remove everything but the kitchen sink. It’s all independant pieces, but I can’t hose it down.

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