Friends With Ruminants

Girl On Grill Action


We went to see a guy about a lamb.  He has a few on his property and one was sent off for our family.  Lunch today: lamb chops, sweet pots and mushies ‘n’ onions.

Chops: fried in duck fat and a bit of tallow, then salted an pepped

Sweet Potatoes: oven baked with the oven fan on … in duck fat.  The fan cooks them quickly and give a crunchy outer and sweet mooshy inner.  lovely.

Mushies ‘n’ onions: bubbled away slowly in butter until they shined.  a little salt and pep.

I had a feline friend join me for lunch.  He’s a big fan of lamb.  Reminds him of the time he spent in Siam.


Then some cheese with walnut pieces.  Counter-clockwise:

Cantal entre deux, Saint-Nectaire, Roquefort.

Though this Roquefort is welfare Roquefort.  Similar to Champagne, Roquefort can only be called Roquefort if it is actually from Roquefort.  That…

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T-Bone Steak As Captured By My First Generation iPhone

Girl On Grill Action

lunch with iPhone 1

Lunch today, T-bone steak with brussels sprouts and sweet pots.  Every camera in the house was out of batteries, so I jumped back to old faithful, my iPhone 1.  Still in great condition.  Were it not for the battery life, I’d use this beauty baby as a phone today.

This T-bone was to go to a customer, but it wasn’t as good looking as the rest of the steaks, so we kept it.  Then, I ate it.  I was to share some with my husband, but then, I ate it.  Take one for the team, as they say.

After a brief pat and air dry, into the bubbling duck fat it went.

lunch with iPhone 1

The sweet potatoes, also cooked in duck fat, went in while the steak was warming and drying.  iPhone 1 was dropped after this capture.  Duck fat fingers.  As my faithful buddy descended on cold, hard French tile I…

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The Gascon Stud


OH the boys have been bad.

They had the nerve they have the balls, across the river called Laspeyreres.  Off they went to the lakes that surround, two Gascon studs called Lumi and Jiggy.

… They were bad outlaws.


Off they went, but they came back.  On puppy probation ’til we fixed the fence.  The color of limstone, the eyes of brown, those charming, little puppies of Grasspunk farm.


Now they’re out flapping ears in the wind.  Those two Gascon studs called Lumi and Jiggy.


They sniff the ground, they look for figs.  They run around and they have a ball.


Perty little puppies run on the farm again.  Eyes of brown and on the packs of dogfood.  They love their space and they love to run, those two silly studs of Gascony.

What Are They On About, Nuts?


The herd is on Yukon.  They had exactly twenty-eight minutes to do so before I had to meet the kids at the bus.  Any funny bidness and I’d leave Brent to sort out the details.  They were well behaved.  Good cows.  Unexpected pasture in Yukon.  Brent was going to let it rest, but the grass was lush.

After the move, they tucked right in to the pasture, then they went to the trees.  Eating mostly brown, it seems they were interested in more than grass.  Nuts?  Truffes?  What ever the draw, they are happy and somewhat competitive.


Underneath the tall growth is yummy pasture waiting for cows.


Brent takes notes on fat heifers and other things.


Black yearling loving the pasture …. yeah!


The herd was happy to move despite the food they left.  They are a bit spoiled, that herd.


Yukon should do them fine for the evening.  Tomorrow, more Yukon.

Time For Some Pasture Work


It is time to seed.  The rain is coming.  Brent has a few pastures planned to seed.  A pass or two with the disc and the fields should be ready to go.

I was to check the cow water.  The water was fine.


They moo at this time of day.  They can be full or hungry.  No matter, they moo.  No, darlings, I’m not moving you.  You have much to eat.


Halloween Hangover


We were spoiled this year with many treats from America that simply cannot be purchased here.  Candy corn, Halloween Peeps and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to name a few.  Brent hates all of these.  I suppose these flavors, along with root beer, are not for everyone.

We had a huge beef sale day on Halloween.  Brent delivered in Toulouse, returned to the farm just in time for me to hop in the frigo and head to Bordeaux.  Great fun and happy customers.  I had a most exciting tour through the heart of Bordeaux.  I’ve always wanted to see the streets of Bordeaux.  Bordeaux is very animated on a warm Halloween night at five in the evening on a Friday.  There was a moment there when two bicycle cops told me to get off the phone, did a skid and ( I thought ) were going to hunt me down through the pedestrians, goblins and fancy cars to write me a ticket.  After wading the frigo through the sponge of walking peeps, I think I shook off les gendarmes.

The kids were waiting for me to return to begin the candy festivities, but I was a bit longer than planned.  The kids popped over to the neighbors for some Halloween scare, joy and candy which they enjoyed very much.  I rushed back just in time to give my husband a wedding anniversary hug.  Then he face planted.  I stayed up with Zelie who, after a powernap and a Ghost Peep, stayed up until I convinced her that sleeping at one-o-clock in the morning might be fun!


Minty: What’s for breakfast?

Me: candy

Minty: What’s for lunch?

Me: candy

Minty: What’s for dinner?

Me: candy

Minty: UH! I want real food!!