Cows Moved and A Sad Hello Kitty


The herd is munching Sleepy Hollow.  Lots of grass and lucerne in there.  They’re looking well fed.  We moved them just before the kids arrived back from school.  Z was in quite a mood.  As you can see, she’s not tentative with colors and patterns.IMG_0401

I love to see the herd enter a paddock and munch right away.  No messing about, let’s munch.IMG_0373

Z is crying because Daddy carried her bag and coat.  She wanted to carry her bag and coat.  So Daddy placed the bag and coat back in place, she carried it and all was well in the world of Z.IMG_0406

Meanwhile, I accidentally snapped a photo of Minty and Otto.  This photo perfectly describes their relationship.  The older sibling and only brother to Minty.  We all feel the pain. IMG_0395

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