Talk To The iPhone


Still strengthening my French.  I’m going to start some new lessons as soon as my new teacher passes her test.  It’s unbelievable how much I understand and how much I can’t respond to.  Too many thoughts, so little words to work with.

Then, I met my new phone.  I saw somewhere in a Glee episode that you can talk to your phone and it will answer back.  So I spoke to my phone.  I was a bit embarrassed.  I channeled Blake and his seven speaking to Orac, ” what time is it?” I said.  Cricket cricket.  No answer.   Days later, after ‘splaining to Brent that the phone will answer your questions, he points out … it’s in French.  aaAAAAAaaaah! Duh!

“Quelle heure est-il?” I say.  To this, iHe did say:

“Why, my lovely lady.  Is that a new dress you have on?  You smell like a snowflake on the lash of a deer eating wild oats and gooseberries.”   but in French.  Then he follows up with ” The time?  What is time?  Time is for you and me … you see …we make love .. under that tree.  by the deer and the berries”  “And right now, it is half past zee hour. ”

I’m happy he understood my American Gascon accent.  Nice job Apple!  I said what time is it?  and you got it right!  Now I can practice my French with a computer.

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