Party aCountdown To Friday


Tomorrow concludes the week before the kids begin vacation. All things conclude with a party.  Each individual thing concludes with a party.  With the kids and other activities, there are a lot of parties.

A sudden onset of accounting class, a beef sale, annual meat plans, cow moves, kids shuffling … the most difficult part was the hunt-and-peck of the AZERTY. Nothing says “party” like an azerty keyboard.  I power-fisted a “yeah!” after coding a receipt correctly on an azerty to the sound of accountants laughing.  Accountants Laughing is code “cricket cricket”  short form CC. [VALIDER]

The herd finished munching through  Colorado 2.  There is a lot of grass and alfalfa there.  They are very content indeed.


I had a big salad with Sauce Secret Gascogne.  IMG_0622The herd moved up to Colorado.  They were motivated and calm.  They transitioned from alfalfa and grass to pure grass with speedy munchiness.


We are watching a few mums that will have fall births.  No calves yet.IMG_0625

The espresso fairy arrived and his handy plumbing friend.IMG_0597

We had another casualty of play.  This soldier had a great life of Barbie meets Monster Polly Petshop games.  His smile says it all.IMG_0621

Crugs.  I don’t want to talk about it.  No.  IMG_0613

No name yet, but our productivity has increased 111%.  A little kick in the arse after lunch and things are getting done.IMG_0603

It has been nice to be social.  It has been nice to gain more understanding of the bidness.  It will be nice to go back to the kids home getting into things and no more shopping.  I’d rather work and play.  Work breaks down to learn and play.  Learn and play and play which you could tidy up as work2(play).  Code that as a 6046 and you can write that off.IMG_0609

2 thoughts on “Party aCountdown To Friday

  1. Gladys says:

    Bravo lil sis. You may want to a foto essay on broken toys or “toy stories”. I am moved by your images. I sent the lawn mower one to Facebook and friends. Amazing work.

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