Christmas Photo Extras


I don’t send out family Christmas letters.  The kids don’t believe in Santa.  If we happen upon a family photo, we don’t primp for it.  Today is the shortest day of the year.  Today was the sunniest it has been all month.  I called out the kids and dogs for a group shot.  It wasn’t easy.

It started like this.IMG_0685

Then a bit of this.IMG_0717

LIke herding Curtis’.  We had some of this.  Come on everyone.  Quick quick!  Everyone in the photo now.  For Grandma and Nana.  I’ll give you candy.  Hurry up now!IMG_0709

Amazing year that 2014.  Otto fights with Minty every morning.  Jean gained a bit of weight.  Brent started drinking coffee again.  Lucy has discovered the “half shirt.”  Minty whistles John Cage tunes.  Zelie sneaks candy and blames Minty.  Jiggy chews vintage shoes.  Lumi barks at mud.  Chorale tests the dog fence.  Bug meows at air.  Cheesepoof hasn’t caught a mouse since August.  The beef tastes great.  The cows are well fed.  The chickens keep chucking out the eggs.  Our fences need work.  We have a new espresso machine.

Bring on 2015.  Hope your holiday is full of giggles.

family photo 2013

10 thoughts on “Christmas Photo Extras

    • Jean Curtis says:

      that big stick hit Lucy in the eye two seconds after that shot. Lucy let me know and know and let me know how crappy that felt and how Zelie is a horrible piece o’ … Then they all ate a gummy burger. Gummy Burger, it brings bad times to good.

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