It’s Getting A Bit Coldy


At last the freeze has arrived.  We’ve been laughing all through autumn and winter in t-shirts, not lighting the fire waiting for the cold to arrive.  I planted the garlic and shallots on time and they are very confused.

The herd is on Nebraska and Yukon.  We pimp hose out to them.  Now if it’s freezy, Brent drains the hose at night to make sure the water will flow the next day when the sun starts shining.IMG_0972

Lumi oversees the hose drain.IMG_0978

Brent filled a back-up bowl in case the hose didn’t drain properly … in the dark.  That’s Roques in the corner.  That’s Brent with the spotlight, losing his direction.  Oh no, I’ve said too much.  Bad R.E.M. joke aside,  he walked back and the water worked out well today.IMG_0986

Arrived just in time for a Nerf dart blaster war.  Oh, it was on.

And today, new stock arrived.  They arrived in this.  What a great vehicle for transporting animals.  Simple, reliable, able to fix the engine without a computer.IMG_0993

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