Behold, The Underwearer


Christmas Vacation … filled with many hours in front of the screen.  You can create your very own, personalised characters on ye ol’ xbox.  Otto created “the underwearer.”  A meany that carries a sword wearing nothing but his underwear.  I suppose the Brit equivalent would be the “pantser.”

Lumi snugs by the fire because it’s cold and he needs to warm his pillows.IMG_1003

I’m not sure what Brent is laughing at, but judging by his face, it was perty darn funny.  Or maybe it’s because Glinda, The Good Witch of the North, is about to land on his Seahawks beanie.  Or maybe the Seahawks are crushing whatever team they are crushing…


The sun came out today, thankfully.  The hose drained well.

Z blew some bubbles.  The retrievers followed.  And jumped.


Bubbles flew high or was it more Glinda.


And jump and bounce and blow.  Simple ingredients for vacation boredom breakup.IMG_1031

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