Talk To The iPhone


Still strengthening my French.  I’m going to start some new lessons as soon as my new teacher passes her test.  It’s unbelievable how much I understand and how much I can’t respond to.  Too many thoughts, so little words to work with.

Then, I met my new phone.  I saw somewhere in a Glee episode that you can talk to your phone and it will answer back.  So I spoke to my phone.  I was a bit embarrassed.  I channeled Blake and his seven speaking to Orac, ” what time is it?” I said.  Cricket cricket.  No answer.   Days later, after ‘splaining to Brent that the phone will answer your questions, he points out … it’s in French.  aaAAAAAaaaah! Duh!

“Quelle heure est-il?” I say.  To this, iHe did say:

“Why, my lovely lady.  Is that a new dress you have on?  You smell like a snowflake on the lash of a deer eating wild oats and gooseberries.”   but in French.  Then he follows up with ” The time?  What is time?  Time is for you and me … you see …we make love .. under that tree.  by the deer and the berries”  “And right now, it is half past zee hour. ”

I’m happy he understood my American Gascon accent.  Nice job Apple!  I said what time is it?  and you got it right!  Now I can practice my French with a computer.

Cows Moved and A Sad Hello Kitty


The herd is munching Sleepy Hollow.  Lots of grass and lucerne in there.  They’re looking well fed.  We moved them just before the kids arrived back from school.  Z was in quite a mood.  As you can see, she’s not tentative with colors and patterns.IMG_0401

I love to see the herd enter a paddock and munch right away.  No messing about, let’s munch.IMG_0373

Z is crying because Daddy carried her bag and coat.  She wanted to carry her bag and coat.  So Daddy placed the bag and coat back in place, she carried it and all was well in the world of Z.IMG_0406

Meanwhile, I accidentally snapped a photo of Minty and Otto.  This photo perfectly describes their relationship.  The older sibling and only brother to Minty.  We all feel the pain. IMG_0395

Good Morning Sunshine


No rain today.  Gorgeous day.  I spent most of the day inside working with Brent planning our farm and sales and the rest.

The cows were super happy.  So much grass.  They chilled in the sun after a big munch.  IMG_0367

Christmas presents from Santa are arriving.  We are collecting them and hiding them in a super secret place that the kids won’t find … except for Minty.  Because Minty is clever at finding secret hiding places.  The tree is up and kids are munching their way to Christmas day.  Eeeeee!IMG_0363

The Last Known Good Lucerne


December and we are finishing up the last of the alfalfa.  What a crazy year!  There is still more to go, but supply is limited.  Winter is coming and the lucerne ( alfalfa ) has stopped growing.


On the left, today.  On the right yesterday.   The herd has done a great job cleaning up the pasture.  The herd stepped foot in the new section and stopped to munch right away.  I feel a Pulp Fiction ref coming on, ” shit …”  Phat fat is the herd.  Very happy indeed.IMG_0342

Before I nipped off to the shops for errands and early Christmas shopping, I made Brent stage a Felfie.IMG_0349

Morning Cow Move


The herd moved from Triangle South to Costanza this morning.  We walked them down the road.  I’m not a big fan of herds walking distances, but the herd was good.  Well trained cows.  IMG_0267
When Brent moves the herd down a long lane, he usually sings “rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.”  I instagrammed the move today and was reminded that the Blues Brothers aren’t the only band with a “rollin'” song.


The cows are enjoying their new section.  Brent is officially wearing his Seahawks beanie.  The cold is coming.  We can no longer laugh tell people that we’re in a t-shirt and the doors are wide open.IMG_0271