We Are Here


But we started the year here:

Lumi, our introduction to a shower of Golden cuddles.DSC_1919

Otto helped feed the bulls of 2014.  Wookiee, Richter and Shaft. Otto feeding bulls

Here are the girls last year.  family photo 2013

And the gang a few days later. Z was in a Pink Goth phase.


One of the bulls having a scratch.DSC_1957

Lucy at a fencing match.DSC_2036

Brent herding the peep of Gascons.  Or the peep of Gascons herding a curmudgeon of Brent.DSC_2106

A very wide cow.  The herd eating hay on California T.DSC_2172

2014 was a wet year.DSC_2378

Otto tried Rugby.  He seems to dig it.DSC_2487

But also found time to help his baby sis down from the hay bale.


The calves came a bit earlier than planned.  Go Gremlin!  Last year’s bull.  The calves like to sleep on the other side of the fence for a little “me” time.DSC_2684

This is cow 12.  She thinks beyond the temporary fence. DSC_3008

This is Brent.  He thinks that touching the electric fence hurts very much.DSC_3200

A bit of baseball.  We had to quickly teach Otto the rules of baseball.  He reads a lot of Peanuts.DSC_3326

Lucy in the outfield.DSC_3365

A bit of tractor work.  Not much.DSC_3688

We caught a gray cat.  We were going for a ragondin.  Graycute was happy to be released and back by the fire.DSC_3618

Lumi grew a bit.DSC_3837

More calves.  Lots of grass.DSC_3966

We lost a dear, old friend.DSC_4355

Put your tongue where your nostril is.DSC_4905

The burgers were great and well received.DSC_4673

Otto is almost ten.IMG_0398

We started doing #felfies.  ( a farm selfie ).IMG_0349

Family came to visit.DSC_7948

Cows are moving well.  They know the system.IMG_0269

A cow and some cabbage.IMG_5365

The burger festival was a hit.DSC_9326

More friends to help out.DSC_5484

A new addition to the Golden crew.IMG_0011

And another Golden athlete.DSC_8512

A close call, but the house did not burn down.DSC_5814

Lucy in Alaska.DSC_3877

We deliver meat to Bordeaux.DSC_9556

Otto turns our house into a virtual video game.DSC_6700

Lumi gets a kiss.DSC_6874

Otto turns his tongue blue.IMG_0772

We deliver meat to Toulouse and Narbonne.IMG_5288

The lucerne ( alfalfa ) has been working very well.DSC_6006

So, here we are.  Where the shit hits the hose.  Draining hoses at night. Moving the herd. Keeping the fire going. Getting ready for our next beef sale.  Getting ready to go back to school, back to life and back to reality.  Back to the here and now, yeah*.

Happy new year to you lot.



* Soul II Soul ref was for you, Brent.


4 thoughts on “We Are Here

  1. Gladys says:

    Absolutely fabulous pics. Several award winning. Lumi sleeping with head hanging and cow/nostril are hilarious. Kid ones are precious. Very expressive and we are lucky that you send us frequent updates. I love you a lot. Happy new year

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