We Were After Lamingtons


Gorgeous day today.  T-shirt weather.  Not really, but much warmer than the yesterdays past.  Brent rolled out the first bale of hay.  We had our first calf today.  To get the herd munching and working the soil, Brent rolled a bale of hay out to keep them going.

Minty set out to make Lamingtons,  A sponge, dipped in chocolate, covered in coconut. A dish that is very yummy.  We made a proper sponge, but our proper sponge was ready for a roll instead of a dip.


So we made a chocolate creamy inner, sprinkled coconut and gave it a roll.  Then, painted the log with more chocolate stuff and more sprinkled coconut. Result?  Huge hit.  Gone in three and a half minutes.


It’s a ‘k’ year.  Our new calf is a girl and she was quite lively.  Tagging her was spirited. IMG_1142

I ran off to the shops to gather some nutrients for people and livestock.  On return, Brent and the kids started a game night.  The Settlers of Catan. I don’t know  much about the game, but these two things came to mind.

  1. Brent has a lot of sheep
  2. They build cities
  3. Curious if they can build these cities on rock and roll


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