No Gnews


Is good Gnews. What a shitty week. I wake up and wait for the boring and ordinary. No Gnews, thank you.

So we shall watch what is happening now.  Otto ordered flint and steel to make fire.  Amazing nine … wait TEN – year-old fun.  Minecraft inspired, no doubt.


Always exciting to see the ice pour out of the hose knowing that the water shall flow.  Oh yes, it goes, the water.


Casualty of play caught just after the snow melted.  She was a sweet toy, but too much for the Goldens to control themselves.  Decapitated.


It’s vacation now and the girls dusted off the tap shoes.  I walked the dog.  Knocked my toe and got back to chugging a rhythm.  Great fun.  Z is a natural tap dancer.  Might stick her on a corner in Auch with a hat.  She’s that good.IMG_1624

The books came out as well.  Poor bored children.  Having to read books to pass the day away.


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