Minty Photos


Our middle child likes to borrow the camera.  I’ve lost one camera, expensive, by child and it was more my fault than theirs.  Parents, don’t place your camera ON something attractive to a child ( e.g. camera placed on child’s drawing ).  When children borrow the camera, there are some rules.  The big rule being, keep the strap around your neck.  Minty has followed the rules and had the opportunity to take some great photos.  Her last batch was lovely.

Today the sun was shining and the animals were playful.  Otto set up a “lemonaide stand.”  His prices were reduced because France is on sale right now.  Sales end next week, I think.  We live away from the village and away from the road, but he still brought in a profit.  He has loyal customers.


Minty grabbed a shot of Z.  It goes like this: the head, the body, the mismatched socks:DSC_9939



MInty chose these photos.  She takes many photos and picks her favs.  I’m not sure what she saw in the photo below, but for me it is a reminder of things the kids construct with things around the farm.  They do this a lot and their piece remains for months … sometimes.DSC_9935

2 thoughts on “Minty Photos

  1. cecilia says:

    I love your kids.. when they are older .. very old of course.. you can tell them that in my NZ family mismatched socks are a sign of maturity – in fact .. we insist that our family members get married in miss-matched socks – an we have the pictures to prove it.. c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Good one! Very positive. In our family mismatched socks are a sign of laundry anarchy. Too many socks to pair! Too many feet to sock! We have a box labeled “Socks Without Friends” that the singles go into. I could write a whole post on socks. Don’t get me started on socks …

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