Mismatched Gumboots


The other day or was it yesterday it all seems so long ago, Minty took photos of Z in mismatched socks.  I won’t go into socks … I could go on and on.  It would be therapy for me and boring to you.  Thankfully, here in Southwest France, socks aren’t needed through Spring, Summer and most of Autumn.

Today, little Z was running around in mismatched gumboots.  They call them “gumboots” in Australia.  In England, they have more than eleven words for “gumboots.”  I don’t know what they call them in America.  I grew up in Southern California.  No socks and no what-ever-you-call-thems.  Yes, yes, I lived in Seattle where it rains everyday except for that week in July, but there aren’t many puddles.  And John Fluevog didn’t make rain gear.


Thankfully the golden puppies of love chewed the opposite boots.  One pink left and one red right.  Not the same size.  Not the same color, but the kids LOVE splashing in muddy puddles.


Otto and Minty collected a tin of four-leaf clovers.  Brent seeded a few paddocks with clover.  It seems we have our fair share of the four-leaf variety.  Lucky us!  Lucky cows!


10 thoughts on “Mismatched Gumboots

  1. becomingcliche says:

    Here we call them galoshes. Except in my house. We call them gumboots here because it’s a way cooler word.

    I found you at Miss C’s place. You, friend, are the internet’s well-kept secret ,and I’m glad I found you.

  2. plumdirt says:

    The PNW of America where I grew up they were just called mudboots. In Texas where I am now, rainboots. The only time I heard galoshes was when they were lower cut rubber boots, more like high-top shoes. I also followed you over from Celi’s Farmy. Hello!

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