A Roll Of The Hay


For a couple of months, when the grass is stockpiled and not growing, we feed hay.  It helps the pastures and nourishes the herd.  Brent rolls the very super heavy hay bale out then calls the cows through.

Over the years, I have collected photos of Brent rolling out the hay bales.  Usually, I have Z on my hip, but lately, I just take photos and leave him to it.


” You could help, you know,” he asks sweetly.  Yes, I should help, but you pushing a hay bale is some good photage.  And you don’t really need help.


Your shoulders get a good work out.  Your delts bulge.DSC_2188

You get all grassy.


Even in the snowy


The herd loves you for this work.  And your body loves you as well.


Happy Birthday to you, Brent.


Hay rolling is almost over.  Z is older.  and I’ll stop taking photos to lend a hand.

One thought on “A Roll Of The Hay

  1. pattisj says:

    I’ve seen the round bales in the fields, but never saw them rolled out. Thanks for sharing! Happy belated birthday to Brent!

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